LISKA is the russian word for “bad breath”. We eat a lot of cheese. Please also check out our other label VALEOT, which is russian for “expired cheese”.

jokes aside. LISKA is a vienna based label for unusual music. yup, that’s a quite common term. let’s put it like this:

wether it is noise/ electronica/ acoustic/ singerblablasongwriting/ talking in your sleep underlined by rhythmical out snorts … if it moves something within, if it causes a structural change at the listener’s brain, if it’s therefore being memorized, if it therefore becomes part of the listeners self, it’s a LISKA-like.

we have no probem with catchy music.

we have no problem with complex music that requires trained ears.

we admire the mix of those aspects.

songwriting. avantgarde. kitsch. noise.


let the pigs fly high.

demo policy

Your trombone. Show it to us. Also, please, if you consider sending us a demo: make sure you can eat a lot of cheese. We need to know the exact amount of cheese you can eat (metric system only). Add this information to your contact info. Don’t call us, we call you (depending on the cheese).



General inquiries go to:


snail mail

Liska Records
Storkgasse 13/21
1050 Wien

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