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Mimu Merz is a Vienna based graphic designer, media artist, singer and songwriter.

The artist describes her vocals as: „wayward phrasings and introspective lyrics, sometimes mumbled, sometimes pointed out clearly, like a salty finger in the wound of ongoing life.
Puns and structures. Patterns and norms. Lofty love and wicked war.“

several projects:
„mimu at nite“ – »experimental folk«?(, a solo performance with voice, accordeon and laptop. The accordeon is played minimalistically, either rhythmically or droning – according to the certain song, the voice is layered over that solid ground in a very flexible way. the vocals are very narrative, the stories are clothed in metaphoric constructions of a flowery language.

The laptop provides distinct atmospherical components such as field recordings of varying places (such as woods, cities) or incidents (fighting dogs, car accidents), or samples of old movies, that correlate to the context.

other baubles of mimu can be found on SOUNDCLOUD ( and that site contains produced sound material (the other one contains mostly live recordings of concerts), that leads more towards direction „electronica“, several voices, live-looping, spoken word collages and pictorial samples of integrated work of art.
As a visualist (from 2001 to 2008) she accompanied acts such as DMX, Ellen Allien, Modeselektor, Gustav, Felix Kubin, Iambic Squared, Jake Fairley, Squarepusher and many more.
SKE Annual Price 2011.



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